A Letter to Earth

Dear Future Planet,

Our Pledge

There’s a lot of work to do.
We're committed to teaming up with great partners
to create lasting change. Our mission is simple:
Free water for everyone, with zero plastic waste.

Our Mission

To make water universally accessible, decrease plastic waste and
help brands build personal relationships - one refill at a time

Our Vision

To push technological and industry boundaries forward;
For the benefit of people and the planet

A Call for Change

Single-use plastics have plagued our planet for 30+ years.
We need to deploy new technologies and new business models to move past them.
The good news? Change is already happening.

An Invitation to Join Us

Our movement is simple & powerful at scale - bring around
your reusable container and fill it up when you see a
HOPE station (or any refill station you find!)
Every refill means you're part of the change.