A Splash of Sustainability: Hope Hydration and Wollman Park Partners Quench Central Park

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - August 29, 2023) - HOPE Hydration and Wollman Park Partners, a coalition of New Yorkers including Equinox, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment Group, and Related Companies are joining forces to introduce HOPE's HydroStation®in Central Park's Wollman Rink this summer and fall. The installation - sponsored by mogul, a real estate investing platform - ensures that visitors to one of New York's most beloved destinations have access to free, high-quality hydration while also reducing single-use plastic bottles.

HOPE Hydration 'Free Water' New York City Banner

HOPE's HydroStation - a smart-city water refill station - offers free, chilled, and filtered water powered by brands to encourage refills in high-activity areas and decrease single-use plastic bottle consumption. The HydroStation also tracks plastic and CO2 savings in real-time for lasting impact to reduce plastic pollution from our oceans and urban green spaces. Brand partners utilize the HydroStation's 55" advertising screens to showcase engaging brand and sustainability messaging while providing urban spaces with free water access.

Dave Tigue, HOPE Hydration Co-Founder and Head of Engineering, remarked, "Teaming up with Wollman Park Partners to install our HydroStation in Central Park is a significant step in bringing our innovative technology, free water, and sustainability to the communities we care about. This partnership, with the support of mogul, is set to make a positive impact in one of the world's most iconic parks and the community that uses it everyday."

HOPE Hydration and Wollman Park Partners are dedicated to implementing innovative solutions in public parks that enrich the community while promoting sustainable living.

"Wollman Rink and Wollman Park Partners (WPP) are excited to partner with HOPE Hydration to offer our guests a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic water bottles," said Bret Pidgeon, General Manager of Wollman Rink. "Part of WPP's mission when coming on board to Wollman Rink was to revitalize the rink with best-in-class sustainable practices. From our equipment and systems to landscaping, composting, food rescue, plastic-free zone food service and water conservation measures, WPP is committed to making Wollman Rink a sustainable and healthy environment for all."

"mogul is proud to sponsor the HydroStation installation, which underlines a cooperative effort to improve community wellness for New Yorkers," says Alex Blackwood, mogul Co-Founder and CEO. "This partnership with HOPE Hydration exemplifies our shared vision of creating innovative solutions to make fundamental life necessities more accessible."

For more information, visit www.hopehydration.com and www.wollmanrink.com

About HOPE Hydration

HOPE Hydration ("HOPE") is a tech-enabled company that believes water is a human right. The company's mission is to develop solutions to bring clean water without waste around the world through a technology solution - the HydroStation.

HOPE is working to motivate new behaviors around water consumption, conservation, and waste-including reducing the environmental impact of plastics pollution. Brought together by a desire for a more sustainable future, HOPE's team of co-founders - Dave Tigue, Cristina Gnecco and Ryan Barretta - have deep experience around sustainable development goals, business development, and software and hardware engineering. HOPE CEO Jorge Richardson, a Forbes 30 Under 30 Nominee, has collaborated with major Fortune 500 Brands on technology-powered hydration campaigns.

About Wollman Park Partners, LLC

Wollman Park Partners (WPP) is a coalition of New Yorkers representing decades of experience across multiple sectors; including sports and entertainment; finance; health and wellness; diversity, equity, and inclusion; real estate; culinary; non-profit; youth development and sustainability. The companies and organizations that make up WPP include Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, Related Companies, Equinox, Ice Hockey in Harlem, Figure Skating in Harlem, Great Performances, Melba's Restaurant, YMCA of Greater New York, The Boys' Club of New York and Green City Force.

With this expertise, and a deep passion for New York City, WPP offers an energized, year-round experience of Wollman Rink NYC to both New Yorkers and visitors alike, with an emphasis on creating a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive space that promotes equitable economic opportunity and recovery in our City.

About mogul

mogul is the next-generation real estate platform bringing premium investment offerings with unparalleled returns to new and veteran investors. Founded in 2022 by former Goldman Sachs Real Estate Investment Group members Alex Blackwood (mogul Co-Founder and CEO) and Joey Gumataotao (mogul Co-Founder and President/COO), mogul is creating the purest investment structure with unparalleled returns across traditional and non-traditional asset classes. Since the platform's launch in April 2023, mogul's projected Internal Rate of Return (IRR or Annualized Return) of 20-26% is outpacing the S&P 500's average return of 9%. The platform's underlying blockchain infrastructure drastically lowers the barriers to entry for real estate investing and provides all investors with a cost-cutting, equity-unlocking solution helping to further the company's mission of allowing real estate investments to generate long-term wealth for its users. mogul is headquartered in Washington, D.C. For more information, visit mogul.ooo.

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