The Modern Water Fountain
we’re hydrating a sustainable future.
Commercial grade, Pentair Everpure, carbon filtered, UV stabilized, chilled water.

Making water universally accessible, reducing plastic waste, and helping brands build personal relationships- one refill at a time.

Free Water, Powered by Ad Partners

Featuring eye-catching 55” screens and a 16-second refill average, our stations captivate over 1M passersby. With our data dashboard, we offer analytics that include ad impressions and impact metrics, enabling your brand to actively participate in shaping a sustainable future.

Real-Time Data,
Real-World Difference

Where Moments Happen, HOPE Hydrates

Designed to meet people where they are.

Refill. Not Landfill.

Our stations symbolize more than hydration; they're a pledge for the planet. With a single-use plastic bottle taking over 400 years to degrade, every refill at our stations is a step towards sustainability. Together, we combat plastic pollution, water waste, and CO2 emissions—one refill, one bottle, one person at a time.

B2B innovation award
Innovation of the year
start up PITCH AWARD

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